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Fleet Alert® is a digital platform for control and monitoring of fleets of industrial vehicles in real time. A specific application of Logistics 4.0, since it is an innovative technological platform for the control of fleets of industrial vehicles integrated by an IoT (internet of things) system composed of impact sensors, battery sensors, high precision location in real time and telecommunications system together with a complete management system in the cloud that, through analytics tools, allows to improve operational safety, increase productivity and reduce costs of logistics operations.
Fleet Alert® makes your warehouse logistics operation more efficient.
A powerful fleet management telematics platform, based in sensor technology, communication network, real-time safety alerts, geolocation and data analytics tools intended to optimize the operations of forklift fleets, improving productivity, reducing costs and generating safer working environments Fleet Alert® is a modular and scalable solution that can be implemented in all your fleet vehicles, (any make and model) , allowing data driven companies to have a real-time view of all relevant information on vehicles and operators, which facilitates decision-making to improve safety, reduce costs and increase productivity.

The use of Fleet Alert® improves the operational safety of forklifts, increases productivity and reduces the costs of logistics operations. The implementation of Fleet Alert® offers a total transparency in the operation, allowing to visualize the actual hours of use of the vehicles, to locate the optimal routes to speed up the movement of the loads, to know the moment, the location and who was driving the forklift during a collision, allowing preventive actions to be taken to avoid future accidents and reduce damage to people and materials. By receiving detailed reports with all the relevant information related to the use of vehicles, it is possible to take proactive actions to increase safety, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Accident prevention has always been one of the most important concerns of logistics management. An impact detection, location and alert system in real time and analysis of historical information allows greater control over the use of the forklift fleet, managing to determine not only risky conductive patterns but also to ensure greater responsibility in the care of the equipment and company facilities while alerts in case of accidents allow immediate relief intervention.

The use of Analytics reports on the data generated by the fleet, referring to different parameters such as times of use of the different vehicles, idle times, trips made, most frequent routes, operator performance, user traceability, etc., ensures that the decisions are made based on specific and objective data, making possible a process of continuous improvement of productivity.

The implementation of a fleet management system for industrial vehicles constitutes a fundamental action when seeking to make costs more efficient in the logistics operation, either by reducing accidents and damage to vehicles and facilities, maximizing the useful life of the batteries, fleet size optimization, elimination of vehicle downtime or vehicle protection through tools such as pre-operational checklists that allow optimization of the maintenance service schedule.

Fleet Alert® works as an IoT system that collects and transmits data on forklift movements thanks to its high-precision sensors and the deployment of a WiFi and UWB network. It allows detecting sensitive and severe impacts, the location and real time of use of the forklifts, access to restricted areas, the route around the facilities and the state of charge of the batteries.

Fleet Alert® allows you to identify the employees driving vehicles, validating in real time if they are authorized to use it according to the courses completed, the validity of their license, if the vehicle was assigned to them and if their work shift is correct. In addition, it allows the vehicle driver to perform the pre-operational verification of the forklift automatically, quickly and easily, generating queries about the vehicle’s status in a random way and allowing to define which ones are critical for safe use. In this way, it is always known who and when is using the vehicle, as well as how many workers are using a given vehicle.

This information is recorded by the fleet management tool, accessible from any device connected to the cloud. The information can be viewed quickly and easily in the Dashboard incorporated in the control panel, allowing a daily and real-time monitoring of the fleet. Thanks to the reports with usage statistics generated automatically in the Dashboard and sent by email to the people responsible for the operation, work rules can be defined to meet KPIs for safety, productivity and costs.

Yes, Fleet Alert® is a multi-brand solution that can be installed in vehicles of different manufacturers and models

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